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quirks, quips, and quests

Car shopping
version 35
Ok, the lack of air conditioning in my car really really got to me during this last heat wave. I need to start thinking about what I want to get to replace the Saturn because I do NOT want to put more money into that thing. I'd also been noticing that I have not been doing the sort of traveling that I really prefer to do (I don't think I've been out of state for any length of time for almost a year now), and I think that is having an impact on my ability to do stress regulation.

I started looking around at Toyota Matrix's as that's the one I've had in my head, but I'm.... skeptical on the interior redesign that seemed to have happened. So while I'll be looking at those, I want to expand my thoughts on cars that I might want.

What I'm looking for:

  • First off, it's used. I don't like paying for a new car and all the depreciation that happens with that.
  • Automatic. No one wants me in a manual, least of all me.
  • A hatchback, wagon, or I'm kinda open to a crossover if I can't find any in those two. Last option would be another sedan, but I do prefer good cargo space. SUVs often are much higher off the ground than I would prefer for myself, and vans are just too.... big.
  • Reasonable leg room in the back, as we are a three adult household.
  • Minimum of 30 mpg on the highway. It needs to be good for longish distance travel.
  • Moderate noise is okay, but of course the quieter the better.
  • I hate the boxy designs that seem to have come out in the last few years. HATE them. A Scion xB is like the epitome of what I am expressly not looking for.
  • Option to plug in my iPod would be fantastic. But seeing that some of the places I'd like to be driving to don't so much have good music stations I assume, this is going to be moderately important.
  • Lastly, cost. I don't really want to spend more than $15k. If I get a new to me car this year, it will likely delay my credit card paying off for about 6 months. But I'm starting to feel that's worth it given how house bound I'm feeling lately and I need some definite new experiences like that.

So dear LJ, suggestions? Doing my own research is just giving me a headache, and I don't even have a list of things that I would want to test drive after a couple hours of this.

And I already know I don't want a Nissan Versa. R has one, and while I can drive it, I am not fond of driving it. Perfect for her, not so much for me. I want a car I love because the last three cars/vans I have had, I did not, and were not ones I would have chosen on my own.

I miss my old Camry wagon. *sigh*

You know what?
version 35
Even when life is tossing changes at me, and I'm wondering what is ahead... work is being crazy and demanding or my cat is meeping or any of the little things and often the big things that crop up...

I freakin' LOVE my life. Love it beyond words.

I wouldn't trade the gifts I have for anything in the world. And my challenges make sense for who I am and the ways I need to grow. Seriously, what more could I ask for?


i'm so blessed to have spent that time
with my family and the friends i love
with my short life i have met
so many people i deeply care for

The Yearly Post
flirty Avon
Happy Beltane to all my pagan friends!

Happy First of May to all my friends who are fans of Jonathan Coulton!

Happy New Year to all my SCA friends!

Happy May Day to any socialist friends or fans of labor!

And Happy Anniversary Sweetest of Sweeties, the incorrigible shanagba_immuru. Already only 2 years and some of the best of my life. You are the rockingest sweetie ever and I'm beyond lucky to have you. To many many more, love.

Song lyric Break
The Chills - Effloresce and Deliquesce
(or if you ever wanted to know where my handle was inspired from)

Effloresce and deliquesce,
carefree sparkling effervesce
Sparks ignite the starry-eyed,
soon a supernova

Effloresce and deliquesce
He bursts forth and then regrets
She brakes down and when he goes
slowly ices over

Effloresce and deliquesce
She may weep but he knows best
Crystallize before his eyes
Tears can't conquer power

Now they're acting,
watch this happening
Then undergo
change to tease the other

Now they're fighting,
this part's frightening
Lies are flying
The silence boiled over

See them trying
changes in each other

Other forces
force them higher
Tears are scalding
Anger flows like fire

Effloresce and deliquesce
She burst forth and then regrets
He breaks down and when she goes
slowly ices over

Effloresce and deliquesce
He is weary, needing rest
She is too but in an hour
they burst into flower

(no subject)
version 35
Happy secular harvest festival, everyone!

Meadowbrook Mead
So a couple of weekends ago I went out and bought myself a winemaking kit because I was tired of complaining about how I didn't have my own equipment, and I missed doing one of my favorite hobbies and blah blah blah. I've had most of my raw ingredients for some time.

Well, tonight my housemates are out, and I decided it was time for me to get off my butt and actually get to making myself some mead. I'm doing a straight every day mead. No flavors to mix with, either spicing or fruiting. Yet. But I don't believe that that is far off. :)

The honey is a local honey. As in from the nature reserve that L volunteers at. It's a light wildflower, and it's created by Meadowbrook Apiary. So because this is a single source over two years that I have collected this honey, that's the name of it.

So. Ingredients:

5 quarts of Meadowbrook wildflower honey
15 quarts of cold water
Citric acid (next day, did not have that on hand either)
Yeast nutrient (next day, did not have that on hand either)
Montrachet Yeast (next day)

I heated the must to 160 for 30 minutes, and skimmed off some of the scum so as to make it easier to clear, but not to ruin the flavor of the must.

I will be letting it cool overnight, and tomorrow (after I pick up the needed yeast nutrient and citric acid), pitching the yeast. It should be fine until the morning so long as I leave it all covered up. But I wanted to make the note because I completely failed to prep beforehand. I let my enthusiasm get the best of me, and it's too late to turn back tonight. :)

Hey, it's been like 5 years since I've done this. I thought I remembered more. :) And I should document everything in case I completely screw this up.

(no subject)
version 35
Hurray, Hurray! the first of May!
Hedgerow tupping starts today!

Happy Beltane to the Pagans!

Happy New Year to the SCA-dians!

Happy May to everyone else!

And most of all, Happy Anniversary, shanagba_immuru. I can't believe it's already been only a year. I love you. :)


version 35
I purchased The Decemberists' The Hazards of Love. I know it's early in the year, but my gods, I think this is my favorite album of the year.

If you have any fondness for the British folk revival from the 60's and 70's, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, bands such as that, and have been wishing there could be new music from the era, this is so thoroughly the album for you. The whole album is a story, and every song blends into the next one.

Reminiscent of Tam Lin, Taliesin, and every love song and murder ballad of the ages...

I think I'm in love.

lyrics breakCollapse )

the story as I discern itCollapse )

Welcome to my new blog
version 35

Umami Minneapolis

Umami - the fifth basic taste; Japanese for "savory" or "pungent".

Starting a new life in MN, with friends and a new PiC who has a penchant for trying the unusual at a restaurant, we are exploring our way through the ethnic foodie scene in the Twin Cities, and sometimes beyond.

Seriously, it's not all lutefisk and tater tot hotdish here.

And I added all my old posts from here for the history. I have every intention of writing more about my restaurant adventures there though.

Think I finally realized my theme song
version 35
You think punk means asshole
I know punk means cuddle

Punk means cuddle!


Why it took me this long to realize it, when I've been listening to this song since high school, can't tell you. :)